Sunday, April 10, 2016

after the wind

It was very windy yesterday - I was at the NHC writing, and there was a leaf-blower trying to clear the walkway outside my office, which was the most futile possible task under the circumstances.  On my way home I saw that this great chunk of tree had blown down - so out walking this afternoon, I went to investigate.  I wasn't the only one: I don't know about the human, but the dog was called Emma.

I'm not sure why the tree is so rotten inside - I think cankerworms - little bright green inchworms - only eat the leaves.  Very many of Durham's trees have bands of burlap and plastic across them to try and trap the cankerworms - the bands are covered in sticky stuff and today, anyway, they seemed to be working - large quantities of the critters were getting stuck.  I'd been wondering for a while why so many trees were wearing belts, but some notices have gone up now that explain this ...

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