Tuesday, April 5, 2016

capturing the light

There's usually an exhibition hanging on the walls of the NHC.  We've just had some peculiarly unremarkable still lifes - fruit, vases, mugs, table tops - you know the stuff.  Very mid C20th.  But now some wonderful fabric art has appeared, by Sharron Parker - deep dyed felt pieces that aren't quite flat, but aren't quite sculpted, either.  This is a close up of a diptych, Capturing the Light II, that - apt name - is hanging outside my office, and I'm greatly looking forward to its company - and that of many of the other pieces - for the rest of my time here.  For more of Sharron's stuff, see her website: http://sharronparker.com/home.html - but I doubt that this is the last time I post an example of her work here ...

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