Thursday, June 2, 2016

hooked (an inquiry)

So ... we have had some new window screens fitted - or more or less fitted, and that's the problem.  A self-respecting cat could very easily pull them out, with just a well-positioned claw.  What kind of hook or clasp or fixing do you use to hold your screens firmly in place?  This very old-style hook holds down the screen in my new office in the Georgia O'Keeffe Research Center (more enticing pictures will follow) - I realize that the space between window and screen looks as though it's a seed patch, which is a different sort of problem.  But any advice on this would be very welcome, since the Home Depot site and the Lowes site and the Ace Hardware site offer up such a plethora of choices that it's hard to know from afar what's the most effective.

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