Wednesday, June 29, 2016

stray corners of santa fe

On Monday night, my father said something to me that nonplussed me: he had no idea, he said, what Santa Fe looked like.  Yes, under pressure, he admitted knowing what the view from our house looked like (dawn, sunset, thunderstorm) - but not what the city itself was like.  So - one of my missions this summer is to make sure that he does have a clearer idea (my mother, much more internet savvy, and in conscious possession of a book called Santa Fe Houses, seemed to think this lack of visual knowledge was as strange as I did).  But here we go: this is the School of Advanced Research, where a USC colleague was giving a talk this lunchtime - and I'd never before been inside its completely stunning grounds.

Oh, and he also asked who "Fe" was - as if he or she were a relative of Claus.

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