Sunday, June 12, 2016

rodent art (and, today, the importance of the ordinary)

I was none too please today to reach down to a box of Kleenex on the floor on the passenger side, and to find that - well, it's been seriously chewed.  I hope the micies aren't making a nest in the engine: they tend to chew things.  I suppose one might call this Roden(t) Crater.

And here's another in my occasional series of egg photos, cooling off hard boiled eggs with ice.  No, no pun.  Rather, it's a kind of visual metaphor for fragility and life: the ease of cracking, splitting, melting.  Or: today's events make one reflect on the precious nature of the ordinary (like chewed tissues, like the beauty of eggs and ice), and the ease with which it can be shattered and taken away. This, of course, is precisely the powerful weapon that terrorists use to create fear, although I'm less than sure that today's horrible shooting counts as terrorism in that planned sense: rather, a hate crime carried out by a crazed bigot, claiming extra significance, as it were, for his action under the mantle of terrorism because in some way it made his hatred seem sanctioned, justified.

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