Saturday, November 26, 2016

Los Angeles street art

This is a particularly endearing juxtaposition - a hipster wearing a hoodie, and apparently texting (or chasing Pokemon, or whatever); some gang lettering with a vaguely-cherub-like small boy sitting on top, head miserably in hands, and then some old-style images and lettering on Cheetahs, a club that (I quote its website) has been offering Adult Entertainment since 1994.  The same website shows a lot of pole dancing, women in glittery underwear and thin chains, and one woman apparently holding a margarita tightly between her buttocks.  I can think of other and far more savory places where I would choose to put mine.  We were coming back from brunch at Go Get 'Em Tiger - recently a pop-up much closer to us, and now a permanent coffee house in Los Feliz on Hollywood, and very much recommended.

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