Sunday, November 27, 2016

winter berries

- at least, there's a whole bush of these looking pretty seasonal at the bottom of the garden.  It's the time of the year when I start to look through the year's photographic production for a Christmas card pick, and for calendar photographs.  This is never an easy task - the calendar, in particular - given the number of different factors in play (i) my own favorite images (ii) not having too many of the same type or the same place (iii) finding stuff that's vaguely seasonly appropriate for each month (iv) finding stuff that I hope all recipients will like - I know, I could tailor-make each calendar, at no extra cost, for each person, but I like the idea of having an annual artifact that's uniform (v) not including pictures that my father, in particular, will sniff at, and say " what's that?" "why?"  My arty pretensions slam up, head-on, against the taste of recipients ...

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