Tuesday, March 7, 2017

a stone in the bed

... and a fine stone it is, too - normally a door stop for the back door, it's perhaps 6 or 7 inches long, and curved, with some flatter parts.  Typical of the Galisteo basin and round about, it is, I think, conglomerate rock, found at the middle level of the rock deposits here (and constituting about 15% of them).  It's reasonably heavy.  And - this is germane to my purpose - it holds heat.  For the second night running, it's heating up in the oven, ready to warm my bed (even though Reliable Tech, having determined that our new boiler has some kind of faulty heat sensor, have left me a massed array of space heaters, I'm not going to leave them on when I go to bed - indeed, they haven't been on for a while, but it will chill down soon).  Putting the stone back in the oven a couple of hours ago, I felt that I should be anointing it with olive oil, like a baked potato. 

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