Friday, May 21, 2010

the strange sad windows of Highland Park

There are, of course, a number of contenders for this title at any given time, but my specimen of the day is the shop that actually calls itself BS [no BS] - the Brunswick Supply Company. What, or whom, does it supply? According to its fascia: restaurant, janitorial, paper. It always has a number of unhappy looking goods on display - the kind of thing that one might buy if one was having a huge party (but indeed, would probably slope off to Target to purchase), or, indeed, opening a bad, bound to fail restaurant. There are piles of white (and badly designed geometric) plates, large aluminum platters, racks, pans, cleaning materials, and the ladles (they are the most tempting items in an unpromising bunch) that can just be glimpsed in the background to this picture.

And then there is this window. It's not a store that appears to sell condiments, but maybe I'm wrong. For here is one bottle of Lee and Perrins Worcester sauce, one bottle of tabasco sauce, one bottle of Tree Ripe grenadine syrup, one off-white plastic container, and one metal container, maybe for measuring things. Is this meant to draw custom in, to stop the busy passer by in her tracks, and think that yes! this is the day she really, really must get some grenadine syrup? This surely wins a prize for the most artless display possible - although I may post some other Highland Park contenders in the future.

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