Sunday, July 7, 2013

a party next door

Since yesterday afternoon, our fridge was playing host to two large smoked turkey breasts, and this evening, early, our oven had some wickedly good mashed potato re-heating in it ... this was in honor of a party for Tim and Natalie - Tim's our neighbors' son, who's getting married up at Lake Tahoe in two weeks time - and because us local Eldoradians are unlikely to be making the trek up there, they had a gathering this evening to celebrate.  And it did feel good to be part of a local community - quite different from, let's say at random, a university gathering.  And there's nothing like weather (the rain cleared up at 10 minutes past six, with perfect monsoon timing), the dire state of local restaurants, the absence of any trains on the local line, and No One Mentioning Hens (in case someone was on The Other Side in the Great Eldorado Hen Debate) to keep one bonded.  And Tim and Natalie seem very happy, indeed.

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