Wednesday, July 3, 2013


For whatever reason, the images I wanted to post today - taken on my iPhone and emailed to myself - aren't coming through, thus sparing you a discussion of my class's heated conversation on the topic of "literacy" (a very interesting age divide there - us geriatrics were defending the idea of the "letter," written or printed - i.e. the idea of being able to read/write the written word - and the younger people in the class were - oh, you can be "computer literate", and "culturally literate", and literate means being able to read visual signs.  And no, reading a chunk of Raymond Williams's Keywords didn't help.  Very instructive.  And a great class - we also covered Anne Bradstree's "Prologue," Wordsworth's "The Idiot Boy," Kipling's "Tommy," Tony Harrison's "V", and a chunk of The Waste Land).  But instead of an image of our blackboard, and / or an image of my own personal "literacy map" - sorry, this morning's dawn will have to do.  But it's pretty good ...

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