Thursday, January 12, 2017

telegraph wires

Telegraph wires cutting into the clear day (well, evening): this is decidedly symbolic for me, since I'm pushing ahead every minute of the day that I can, and then some (mercifully, my head is no longer hurting) to finish my last bits of book revision, smoothing, polishing, and wondering why there are occasional, mysterious missing footnotes (inevitably, to obscure publications that I don't remember ever having seen) - BUT.  But I have had to pull away, and start writing a paper that I have to give in a week's time, at a conference about the telegraph, and coding (I'm nothing to do with the coding part ...).  Rather, I'm talking about Robert Dudley's water colors and illustrations to Russell's The Atlantic Cable, and how to represent distance, and effort, and space. I came to the realization when I was showering my aching head yesterday that these are news pictures explicitly about being able to transmit news, but I have no idea where to take that insight.  Still, I'm a quarter through ... (these wires are on Rodeo Road, in Santa Fe - I had to dash into town to do some errands ...).

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