Sunday, December 19, 2021

plaza lights

To be honest, I found the lights on Santa Fe's Plaza this year a bit too confusingly much - lots and lots of different colors, but haphazardly so.  I much preferred the pure white lights arching in the trees, like a big vaulted colonnade, in front of the State Capitol, and will try and get a picture of them at some point.  However - one tree was magnificently full of green, and that was worth walking through the Plaza to see it.

A word of warning to locals ... we met some friends for dinner at La Boca, having been assured that yes! we could be outdoors, and yes! they had heat lamps.  BUT ... it seems that their propane delivery for these heat lamps happens on a Tuesday.  It's now Sunday, and they either had run out, or were running out.  Our feet turned into little blocks of ice, and we ended up getting most of our meal to go (current temperature 27 "feels like 18."  Back home, I'm now drinking some local apple brandy ...


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