Wednesday, April 13, 2011

call to action

... and off in the background, on this totally gloomy grey New Jersey day, wends a very respectably sized body, off to Old Queens and Richard McCormick's office (at least, by the look of it, his outer office), where he managed, more or less, to deliver a message in return ...   (thank you L!!)

The most cheerful thing in sight were the colors of these economic equivalencies - which are collected together with an amazing surrealist logic.   $24,000 could pay for 13 students to study for 4 years at the Sorbonne (which may be true, but would also reveal that some universities have classes even larger than Rutgres); $18,000 could buy you 3,636 Fat Sandwiches (if you're insider enough to get that one, you probably are shuddering at the thought); $15,000 could buy 231 Expos Textbooks (are they really $65 each?   Really?  Ouch); $12,000 could buy a 75 foot yacht.   Now, that last one I don't believe, unless it were a termite-infested old tub.   But is that a dig at someone?   And, whilst we're at it, $12,000 could buy ... how much square footage in the renovated/expanded football stadium?

I was truly happy to see such a great turnout.   It's things like this that tug at my heartstrings, or whatever gets tugged at on Voorhees Mall, when I think how very few days on campus I have left before heading off to an institution with, ironically, so very much more money to give out to students in economic need.

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