Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bunny

Maybe I was wrong about the non-availability of Easter Eggs - walking away from dinner, on Easton Avenue, I passed a whole window of them in Thomas Sweet's, a shop that I've never been in, and think it improbable, by now, that I ever shall.   Can this be?   A store that makes and sells ice-cream - among other things - within easy strolling distance of my office?   Of course, with this year - then this semester - then this month - coming up, I've made continual vows about all that I would do - all that time that I planned to spend in New York, for example, and I've probably been there less than in any year that I've been in NJ.   So I'm rather shaking my head at my inability to consolidate my acquaintance with even my most immediate surroundings ...

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