Thursday, April 7, 2011

patching it up (or: early Pinter in Union St.)

An unbelievable sight outside my office door today!   A workman, plastering and painting some holes in the wall.   The dialogue went something like this:

KF:   Oh, wow, amazing!   You're mending it!
Workman:  Yup.
KF:   That's great.   It's been looking so awful up here.
Workman:   Yup.   Got a problem with the roof.
KF:   So ... have they mended it?
Workman:   Nope.
KF:   But ...
Workman:   I was just sent up here to paint it.
KF:   Ummm - will you be able to paint the stair ceiling, too?   That's where the water has really made a mess.
Workman:   Will if I have enough paint.
KF:  Oh, I do hope that you do ...
Workman:   They'll pull all these houses down, soon, anyway.
KF:   You think so?
Workman:   Yup.   Cost too much to repair.   Cost too much to heat.
KF (trailing away):   Well, I'm so glad that you're doing this ...

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