Sunday, April 3, 2011


It was an extremely windy day today - gusts up to 60 mph, tumbleweed rushing east to Kansas, window frames rattling, cats running around the house like mad things.   But how to photograph wind?   Jeff Wall's "A sudden gust of wind: after Hokusai" is just too obvious - its stylization works as a riff on the Japanese print, but there's no way in which anyone else could ever again imitate all those flying sheets of paper.   A flag flapping hard against the flagpole at the Agora would have needed a short video to capture its violence; the dust storms blowing between here and Albuquerque would have come across as, simply, brown distance.   So I resorted to the empty-for-winter humming bird feeder, blowing fiercely against the stormy sky.

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  1. ...through a glass, darkly.... or that's what my mind conjures up when seeing your beautiful photograph. Moving.