Wednesday, August 21, 2013

cardinal and gold

The garden of La Posada early this morning - sunflowers standing against tall spikes of Hopi red amaranth - a plant used for dye.  It was only this evening, having downloaded this, that I realized that I'd unconsciously gone for the cardinal-and-gold juxtaposition, the soon-to-be-ubiquitous-once-again school colors.  

The best images of today went unphotographed - the bulge in the back of the sofa, in our room at La Posada, which we realized was Bitzi, who'd somehow climbed inside the whole thing in order to avoid being re-carriered and taken back to LA (however, if you push against a cat hidden in a sofa for long enough, eventually it wriggles out again); and our First Tomato of the season, which we'd eaten before I thought to commemorate it.  Completely delicious - it's a shame that so far, it's the only one on the huge plant ...

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