Sunday, August 4, 2013

the open road (road trip, day 1)

It's our summer vacation!  It really is!!  Ten days on the road - day 1, Santa Fe to Provo, Utah.  This was our longest day's drive, and we were thoroughly exhausted by the time we got here, though not too exhausted to break open the champagne ... I was behind the wheel from Durango onwards, so here are two northern New Mexico cloud formations, though nothing after that - the kind of cloud that make you expect that it will rain, but it mostly skirted us, despite lowering all the way over barren southern Utah, with striking rock formations in every direction - so far as I could see, for the brief instants that I could look around me ...  We had the longest, spectacular sunset, driving through the mountains south of Provo, with old mines and railroads running alongside the road.  Curiously - though not curiously, because it was a good hotel - we're back where I stayed a few months back when I came to talk at BYU.

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