Saturday, August 24, 2013

foreshadowing fall

I know it's only August, but with only 36 hours - eek - to go before my first class of the academic year, it must, according to some forms of logic, be Fall.  And here are some harbingers - a prematurely orange leaf from the ornamental pear in our back yard, and a mystery fruit.  In some ways, it's not a mystery fruit at all, of course - it's a tiny, tiny, perfect Meyer lemon.  But did it form and fall from the tree that's full of some kind of currently green fruit? - I swear this looked like an orange to me, last spring, but a friend this morning also swears it's a Meyer lemon tree.  Or was it dropped by a passing squirrel?  I'll report at some later date about the identity of the citrus, but for now, it's enough to note that fall will, soon, be heading this way.

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