Friday, August 23, 2013

welcome back ...

It's the Annual Art History Welcome Back Breakfast.  I'd just been talking about the upcoming (watch this space) Department's Facebook site - and realized that maybe it would be a good idea to have a few images to put on it.  But this was the only one in which at least some of the company looked as though they might be enjoying themselves.  This might have been because we'd just had an utterly baffling presentation from the Business Office, in which - if I understood correctly - we were told to save money in case we weren't paid in January, due to a systems change over - unless we were a grad student, in which, for some other reason, we mightn't be paid in December, either.  Surely we can't have been told that?  There was also a scary "short version" of how to claim expenses under yet another system, which seemed to run to three pages of small print and interlinked boxes.  I can't have been the only person starting to nurse a headache at the end of this.  But - yes! - it was, indeed, great to see everyone again!

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