Saturday, March 15, 2014

black butterfly

I've been determined to look at Oxford as though I've never seen it before, today, rather than finding that every layer beneath every step I take is sedimented with memories.  So here's a black butterfly on a wall panel that belongs to Balliol.  And I've never noticed that hinge, either.  

Unfortunately this resolution to behave as though defamiliarized extended to my getting on a wrong train, and heading off on the Banbury line, when I was trying to get to Charlbury.  Mistake.  So I got off at Heyford, somehow managed to persuade a cab to come and take me to my destination - who rushed me (competently) down tiny English lanes, including one that said Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles ( a sign that was like catnip to my father, when I was little) - lanes that made Maui's Road to Hana look like a freeway ..

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