Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eating Roden Crater

I've been fantasizing all day about what my dessert would look like.  Because if you eat at Ray's, at LACMA, whilst the James Turrell show is still on, and present your tickets for the show, they give you a free Turrell-themed dessert.  So I'd decided that this would be a rectangle-with-curved-edges slice of semi-freddo, deep blackcurrant on the outside, merging into a warmish mango center.  Or maybe the same shape, but an apricot outer rim, fading to pale peach.  This had been such a vivid fantasy that I was quite perplexed when this arrived: I guess that I was right about the mango (and those little cylinders?  They had ice-cream inside, which I guess was at least a dark to light experience, like some of the rooms in the show).  Overall, though, I think this has to be some kind of homage to the impossible-to-get-to-see project, the transformation of an extinct volcanic crater, that Turrell's been working at, somewhere north-east of Flagstaff, since the very late 1970s.  I dream of getting to see this, one day, whenever Turrell thinks that the public may visit it ...

I think, too, that this should have been on a sky-blue plate.  

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