Wednesday, March 19, 2014

semi-transparent horse's head

Here's an image for the "strange windows of Santa Fe" series … I like it not just because it's benignly surreal, but also because it reminds me (despite being fanciful, and decorated) of one of the best Christmas presents I ever had, when around 10 or 11 - a whole plastic kit called "The Visible Horse," doubtless designed for would-be veterinarians, and fiendishly difficult to put together.  Indeed, maybe it was made for would-be vet students?  It was certainly a 3-D step up from the anatomical drawings that I slavishly copied from the horse veterinary books that I borrowed from the public library.  No prizes for guessing what I wanted to be.  I was so angry (young feminist, c. 1966 or 7), when our local stable vet, Mr Simons, when I asked him for career advice, told me that women who wanted to be vets should specialize in domestic animals, like cats and dogs, because we wouldn't have the strength to cope with a horse or a cow.  This was depressing, and of course also incentivizing.  It might have been more to the point, though, if he'd inquired after my maths skills, which were to prove a rather more immediate block to my ambitions.

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