Saturday, March 22, 2014

small things against big skies

Here, on a branch of a probably defunct (drought) tree just outside our back wall is - trust me - a bluebird.  Our bluebirds are already nesting in the bluebird house.  It's probably a good thing that we're off back to LA tomorrow, since this spares us from worrying all the time about how the nest and fledgelings are faring.

And, it being windy, it was perfect kite flying day.  Not us, but two families in the road.  A predictable scene - two guys flying kites and having a completely wonderful fun time; three kids howling and yelling and being miserable; two harassed looking women trying to calm them and not being allowed any kite flying at all, so far as I could see.   Can you find the kite?

I promise you that - like the bluebird - it's there …

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