Thursday, May 22, 2014

a party for Sean (in need of a narrative)

We had an excellent lunch for Sean today, to celebrate all that he's done for the department, and to give him a send off first to I Tatti (Florence for a year!  Wonderful!) and then to Qatar, where (I've been doing some rapid Google-imaging over the past week or so) there is such a stunning and futuristic display of modern architecture - architecture that makes the Gherkin and the Shard look timid - that I'm hoping that there's nothing that they want more than a visiting lecturer to talk about more than \flash photography.  Or even Victorian seaweed.  

But what I can't reconstruct is what Sean was talking about at this precise moment.  Megan certainly has got the joke; Daniela can't believe that it could possibly have been that long, whatever it was.

And as for Carolyn and Peter - they just seem thoroughly sceptical.  Maybe this was the idea of surfing behind oil tankers, on the sweetly even waves that they leave behind them?  (in all fairness, Sean was not claiming that he was looking forward to this sport, although the possibility of indoor ski-ing featured somewhere).

Ah, Sean - we'll miss you tons, but we look forward to hearing all the news from your new adventures!

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