Wednesday, May 7, 2014

the end of an era (how long is an era?)

Our redoubtable chair of English - our redoubtable outgoing Chair of English - Meg Russett, holding an envelope containing a gift certificate to a rather good Los Angeles Spa - calibrated to reflect the not inconsiderable number of years that she's been chairing.  I honestly don't think that anyone who's not been a chair knows quite how relentlessly petty (as well as exhilarating, challenging, always-fascinating-to-be-more-or-less-in-the-know) the position can be - so my deep, deep thanks to her for all she's done over the past six years (including hiring me!).  That framed picture at the bottom?  A photo I took of her and Thea, her daughter, almost two years ago in Switzerland, when we were tramping across a hillside or three to get to dinner in a cowshed.

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