Tuesday, May 6, 2014

(almost) the end of the semester

There was something curiously autumnal about the light this evening.  It's that dead, fevered time on campus before Commencement, when plenty of students still have exams and papers to come; when you hear the sounds of sniffing and muffled sobbing in the women's bathroom stall next to you; where couples are engaged in desperate and glum break up silences in strange corners (or more publicly: there were two curiously unhappy looking girls making out on the steps of Tommy Trojan at lunchtime); where flowerbeds are suddenly stuffed with countless cardinal and gold plants in full bloom; where stray groups of students materialize in gowns and hoods to have their photographs taken against fountains; and when the administration suddenly decide to introduce new timetabling systems to take effect in the middle of next year, thereby rendering completely useless half your scheduling plans.

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