Sunday, September 7, 2014

blue on blue

We have a huge bank of plumbago in our back yard - the blossom pretty much the same color as the afternoon sky.  So this was a technical challenge, as much as anything - and I've taken liberties: this should be a vertical frame, so tilt your head or screen if you want the verisimilitudinal version - but I rather liked it as a pale blue lacy fringe.  Blue on blue: after the cyanotypes, it's been a blue week.  Somewhere, bubbling under, once again, is a course syllabus on Color: perhaps something of an over-written-on topic in the last few years, but that makes it the more accessible (in terms of readings) for an undergrad General Education course (a genre that has been much on my mind today, as I vet syllabus after syllabus that's meant to fulfill lofty university ideals ...).

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