Wednesday, September 3, 2014

class prep

It's cyanotype day in class tomorrow!  (my favorite: watch this space ...).  Previously, I've gone to a lot of effort having students fill up plastic tubs with water in which they could rinse their prints ... but the other day, it struck me: campus is full of fountains with water basins.  Couldn't we use the one right outside our classroom?  But then I started to wonder about the effect of whatever chemicals they put in them.  Probably this is chlorine, which should actually help to bleach, but in the interests of conscientious class prep Robin Coste Lewis (whom I'm super-lucky to have as a TA) and I thought that we'd better go and test it out.  So I grabbed a sheet of prepared paper, and a leaf off a rather dull plant in the Art History office, and off we went ... Unless this fades in the night, I think we'll be good to go.

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