Monday, September 1, 2014

transformed fish

... so tomorrow's class is on "Is Photography Art? - or rather, why has anyone ever cared about this question?" and one little segment deals with apps for iPhones.  Researching - or do I mean "researching" this, I was amazed at how many new ones have sprung up: I've been relying on my trusty favorite, Hipstamatic, for so long, with an occasional shot of RetroCamera.  But now I find some great filters in MagicHour, and a wonderful new app, Tales of Us, which allows one to take two images from anywhere in one's iPhone library, and combine them.  So I took one old Hipstamatic image, one new one - with a new Hipstamatic "camera"/"film" combination - merged them in TofUs, and then passed them through various different MagicHour filters.  No, of course it's not "art" - unless I was making some kind of self-referential photographic statement, in which case (etc etc) - but it sure as hell is a lot of fun.

Oh, and why do I have a thing about blending fish and plants this year?

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