Saturday, September 13, 2014

viewless listening

I came, eventually, to the decision that it was time to buy a new TV - the last time I did so was eleven years ago, and that was in Santa Fe.  They seem to have got flatter since then.  OK - I'll stop playing faux naive - I bought a tiny flat screen tv for my apartment when I was at the National Humanities Center, and this house came with a number of them already in it.   But still, there's something of a novelty in owning a handsome beast that allows us to watch Netflix at the twitch of a remote, and - wonder of wonders - that has streamed radio from anywhere in the world that one can imagine.  So I tried out some French rock music, and some Italian talk radio, and came back to roost with Radio 4.  Yes, I know that my computer can get all these things, I guess, but not with such nonchalance, such organization, and not attached to a phenomenally classy sound bar.  So I'm reveling in up to the minute (indeed, tomorrow's) technology ...

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