Tuesday, March 24, 2015

a high standard of graffiti

I used to think of Rutgers bathrooms as providing a high standard of graffiti: USC - not so much. Either the janitors have more door cleaning demanded of them, or our undergrads are so hi-tech that they no longer carry writing implements around with them.  But this evening, I dived - dove? - into a bathroom at the foot of VKC on my way back from a Chairs' Dinner - and was rewarded by this. Radicalism, Joe Hedges and Chris Sacco style!  It's the antidote to an earlier experience: an enthusiastic u/grad walking backwards and herding a flock of local - maybe 10th graders? - and expounding on the wonders of the university.  She extolled the virtues of the Wednesday Farmers' Market - silence.  She mentioned the 24 hour Starbucks - and a cheer went up.  Consumerism and commodification had clearly done their dumbing and numbing work - leaving them all too probably deaf to the messages on bathroom doors ...

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