Sunday, March 1, 2015

another bug picture

I'm sorry.  You really didn't want that, did you?  But what you were meant to be seeing - morning faint sun on the snowcapped peaks visible from the living room window - beautiful beyond belief - just didn't translate well into an image.  I don't know why not, but here, instead, is the Thing that Alice found the cats playing with in the middle of the night, and despatched.  My morning task was to identify the corpse.  Not, thankfully, a cockroach.  Not, even more thankfully, a scorpion.  No - it's a Dark Jerusalem Cricket - a critter that has the distinction of being light, rather than dark; never having been found in Jerusalem, and not being a member of the cricket family.  It can bite, if provoked - but is otherwise harmless.  So now, if you find one, you know.

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