Tuesday, March 10, 2015

less a photograph than a rant

This is the exit to my work car park (indeed, not a bad view ...).  The lights have just turned red: in thirty seconds time or so they'll change again, and by then the small flock of students will have swelled in numbers, to include all kinds of hazards - such as the young woman on a bicycle, today, who rode in front of me checking her cell phone and carrying a lacrosse stick.  It's not just that it's hard weaving a way through the human obstacles: it's that it's very dangerous.  Please, USC, will you build a footbridge, or something, before someone gets squashed?  (and yes, I know that there was a horrible accident just up the street involving USC student pedestrians the other day).  It's only going to get worse when the University Village gets finished in a couple of years.  

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