Saturday, March 7, 2015

the aesthetics of raninculi

I'm musing on these two images of raninculi - at least, I suppose that's the plural of raninculus. Raninculuses?   It's a question of Spot the Difference.  The top picture is taken with a very upmarket Nikon + expensive lens.  The lower one is taken with my iPhone.  Yes, one can tell the difference, in very obvious terms, if one blows them up large - even in the pixel-lite form that I always reduce things to for posting on line (if anyone writes to me to ask reproduction permission, they get a larger resolution version) - the top one is infinitely more precise.  But the fact remains that the composition is better in the lower image, and - thanks to the iPhone's ability to focus precisely on just one small spot in an image - so is the gradation of focus and (imprecise) detail.  One can spend happy hours analyzing the technicalities of one's own work, when really one should be commenting on a graduate chapter ..

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