Tuesday, March 29, 2016

a flashy flower vase

All I need is a little glass or plastic container that will fit into the cavity where the flashbulb would normally fit, and I have a new, unusual flower holder.  This is a Kodak Six-20 Flash Brownie camera of 1940 - the first synchronized flash camera that Kodak produced, and one of the very, very first affordable such cameras, marketed at people who were in no way experts at photography.  I was taking notes about this just yesterday ... which meant that today, when I went into the wonderful Camera Works, 2611 W. Carver Street, Durham - a true, old-style, old-fashioned, camera repair and antique camera shop (I have problems with my little Sony point and shoot's lens cover mechanism) - today, when I saw this on the shelf opposite me, I said - Oh! May I look! because I knew exactly what it was.  It's hardly a rarity, but I'm so very happy to bring her home.  (I think she may have been there a while - an on line photo from November 2013 shows her exactly in the same spot that I found her).

I have a sense that this may not be the last picture I take of her ...

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