Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter lunch

(or: Farmers' market redux).  It seemed to me that eggs were surely in order: here are a couple, scrambled, with (a) some chopped fresh young asparagus spears (b) some chopped (and sautéd with garlic) pink oyster mushrooms - together with the ham and cheese scone (warmed in oven) that I mentioned yesterday.  For fans of the hot cross buns, the bakery that has a Saturday stall in the market is otherwise in downtown Durham and is called Loaf: on their Instagram feed, they have some terrific pictures of the hot cross bunds being baked ...

Yes, weekends can be - quiet, on one's own, especially when it's a holiday-day, but this certainly had a feast like quality to it, especially since my plans for a long walk were drowned by the pouring rain outside.

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