Saturday, March 12, 2016

spring forward

My original intention was to stay in Asheville tonight, and get up very very early to drive down to RDU airport ... about four hours' drive.  And then, when I took on board the fact of the time change, it made more sense to come back this evening.  So I'll think of this as the last sunset of winter (not that it was remotely wintery today: the temperatures were disconcertingly in the high 70s).  It was a terrific INCS conference - wonderful conversations with friends and colleagues old and new.  I've long recognized that I'm envious of so many US friends who use conferences as a chance to hang out with their pack from grad school - and my own pack is a long way away.  BUT - and this is a terrific place to have reached - I now get to hang out with my former US grad students - the vanguard of these on the brink of getting tenure.  I feel so proud of them.

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