Thursday, March 17, 2016

sweet lily

It's impossible (one would hope) not to live next door to people for 13 years - 13 years! - and not know that they're excellent bakers, but it's quite another thing to visit the bakery/cafe that they've just opened (or to be more accurate, taken over) with fingers crossed that, hands on heart, one would think that this was somewhere one wanted to return. Santa Fe people!  People visiting Santa Fe!  Go and eat at Sweet Lily!  It's next door to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum (I will doubtless put on pounds and pounds when I'm a Fellow there this summer); the space is airy and tranquil; the food divine ... The reason that there are no green chile scones left here is that we ate them.  I only wish that we'd had space for pie.

And then ... weird.  My father grew up in Birmingham -after leaving Leeds when he was 5, and via Derby - in All Saints' Road, King's Heath.  The other partner in Sweet Lily is, once upon a time, British - from Birmingham.  And guess where he used to live?  In the house opposite the one in which my father grew up.  The world is surely very, very small.

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