Monday, September 26, 2016

debate preparation

We can only assume that Moth had her head stuck in the milk foamer (again) in order to take in plenty of protein to give herself stamina (stamina! a characteristic possessed in spades by HRC!) for watching tonight's debate.  That debate was the most extraordinary presidential debate I've seen in my life.  Of course HRC won, hands down, looking presidential, prepared, knowledgable, and with a sense of humor.  But look at Breitbart; look at realdonaldtrump tweets, etc etc - and we're told that the orange cheeto won, with his (small) hands down - interruptions, vagueness, shiftiness, sniffs, grimaces, and all.  Of course I want to think - that's it!  she's nailed it!  But I'm not going to stop holding my breath (or stop sending the money, stop talking the talk) until November 9th.

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