Wednesday, September 28, 2016

relocating the familiar

Art History has moved to new offices this year (under English, in Taper Hall, which is very convenient and collegial) - and we have all new furniture (bribery, I'm quite sure ... I mean, an incentive ... on the part of the university to get us to move).  So it's an incentive too, for me at least, to be hyper-organized, and selective about how I set things out in my office.  But there are some things that unquestioningly come with me from office to office; some that have traveled the Atlantic with me, and this faux-Roman pot is one of them.  Indeed, I think that this is its 9th, maybe its 10th, office ... Oxford; Rutgers; USC.  It's accumulated one tiny chip on the rim, but it's been a good traveler.

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