Wednesday, September 7, 2016

water, greenery, and blur

The thing about spending ten hours on a bus - albeit a bus with relentlessly beautiful scenery outside the window - is that it's never still for long enough to let one take anything other than a blurred-with-speed photo of the rather dark and wet world outside - unless it's waiting to get onto a ferry (four ferries today, between Bergen and Ă…lesund!).

So - blur in the foreground; beauty in the distance;

many reflections in the clearest possible water;

even if blurred, I wanted to take a record of all the grassy roofed sheds, barns, houses, bus shelters - this gives a whole new dimension to my parents' garage roof and its vegetation - maybe I can suggest to them that it's a Norwegian thing?

And now that I've arrived in Ă…lesund, I seem to have a diving school out of my hotel room window ...

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