Tuesday, September 6, 2016

some varieties of Norwegian water

This evening, I've arrived in Bergen, where, remarkably, it's not raining (and it's a delightful town, so far as I can see - though most of my exploring will come later in the week).  It was a long but quite extraordinary trip here: the train from Oslo to Myrdal, with lakes and snow in very rocky landscape;

down the Flåmsbana railway, with a stop at Kjosfossen waterfall (and yes, that red speck is a seductive mountain sprite dancing in the drizzle, to amplified music - that must be the vacation job from hell.  Mercifully, apart from a large troll on Voss railway platform, that was the only real piece of tourist kitsch all day).

Then a boat along Sognefjorden and down Nærøyfjord - I took three million fjord photographs, but one representative one will suffice, especially as my camera lenses became damper and damper;

and here's one fjord side hamlet.

I am exhausted with scenery - pleasantly exhausted and amazed.

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