Sunday, October 9, 2016

before (and during) the debate

To the local supermarket to buy supplies ... with the clouds gathering over Eldorado (I just missed a huge thunderstorm - the kind that has sirens blaring out of the radio, and whooshing alerts going off on my phone, on the drive up here), and then shooting from front door, 

to back door, to the debate warming up ... it was very hard knowing where to direct my attention. These images do no justice whatsoever to the weird colors of the sky.

The apocalypse didn't actually happen during it (though the Orange Groper looked like a tired, angry, desperate man, so that lack of an utter breakdown on his part was a matter for regret.  I wish Hillary had stuck it to him more - confident and clear though she was, I felt as though he had her somewhat on the back, defensive foot - not in terms of what he was actually saying, but in terms of what, always, was lurking in the background that he could say.  Although, in fact, most of what was lurking in the background was him.

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