Wednesday, October 19, 2016

walter gomez watches the debate

Walter Gomez has never been a cat much interested in politics, and indeed, for the first twenty minutes or so of the debate, looked as though he was trying to hide under a hotel pillow.  But the mention of "bad hombres" got him going; made his Latino feline blood boil, and he became an increasingly engaged participant.  Not pictured: me, a margarita, and my own expression, changing between disdain, revulsion, and wide-eyed horror on the one side, and sheer admiration for a professional job well done on the other.  I thought HRC did such a good job of getting under the Orange one's skin, refusing to take the bait, and getting genuinely fired up and passionate about abortion, all the while having to share a stage with an ill-informed sensationalist monster.

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