Monday, October 3, 2016

in the pet store

Here's a conundrum.  In the local pet store, here was a little stash of Hillary rag toys - ready for your dog to worry to death.  Were there only Hillary dolls because (a) everyone in Silver Lake/Los Feliz is a Hillary supporter, and would only buy ones featuring her (b) everyone in Silver Lake/Los Feliz is a Hillary supporter, and has bought up all the Trump dolls, and their dogs are tearing them apart as I write, or (c) ???

And what was I doing in the pet store?  It was not a good weekend in the Flint/Echols kitty world.  On Friday night - Alice was out of town - Walter Gomez dashed into my study, and, when my back was turned - yes, my fault for not removing him immediately, and how many times do I try and replay those minutes in my head and do things differently? - attack both LucyFur and Moth.  He hates Lucy; we suspect Mothy tried to intervene.  Lucy had a bitten leg (Saturday: vets, anti-biotics, pain meds); Moth a torn ear that by yesterday evening had become abscessed (vets, anti-biotics, pain meds, cone of shame).  She was so sorry for herself in the Cone that I went off to Urban Pet and bought her this inflatable Zen Collar.  Only in Silver Lake ... but at least she can now see where she's going.

Yes - the house is now composed of entirely segregated cat zones, for now ... 

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