Wednesday, August 9, 2017


We have been promising ourselves new blinds for ever: this summer we actually did something about it (even my father, sniffing suspiciously at this apparent extravagance during our last Skype session, visibly relented when he heard that these had not only been in place since 1992, but that they, in all their metallic faded non-glory, were sticking and jamming and crinkling and generally stopping working).  So here, in my study (and the living room) are sleek new blinds, that you can semi-see out through in daytime (but if I were to expose for that, then I'd lose the pretty sky), whilst no one can see in - at night, they are a very fetching mid-grey that is just a shade lighter than Moth's coat.  The other rooms - wooden slats.  We feel very proud of ourselves for having got round to this, and of how they look.

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