Tuesday, December 30, 2014

butternut squash soup

So what does one do on a day when it's freezing cold (around 18F outside); when there's a howling gale, and thin gritty snow blowing sideways for most of the day, and one of you is still sick?  Make soup.  You'll want the vague recipe.  Take a butternut squash, and cut into thick slices, and roast for two and a half hours at 325F, with around 10 garlic cloves, and a chopped onion.  Peel things that need peeling.  Place in blender and whizz up, and then blend with a bowl of farmers' market chicken stock that you perspicaciously have in the freezer.  Add some curry powder, a touch of cinnamon, stir and heat.  I promise you it was good.

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