Monday, January 18, 2021

a tactical stand-off

... really, for two cats from different backgrounds (a back yard in Silver Lake; Santa Fe Animal Shelter) who have a five-year age difference, Lucy Fur and Moth get on very well.  So well, indeed, that they engage in some sophisticated tactical manoeuvres.  It would be a good idea, they think, to have a middle-of-the day snack (or by choice, something larger than a snack, but they'll settle for what they get).  They might, after all, take advantage of us being at home all day, every day.  So first, some imploring looks.  Then (it being our lunchtime), some jumping on the table, some plaintive mews.  And then the cupboard door banging begins.  And then the battering of little paws against the kitty kibble container.  And then, if all else fails - let's stage a fight!  It's a well worn routine - and it's the point at which we give in.


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